Letters to the Editor

Climate can’t wait

We were established on the liberal principles of equality, liberty and justice for all. A government of, by, and for the people. Early on we established religious and ethnic tolerance, and the huddled masses came, and we made of it a great nation. This is our democracy.

Capitalism ends up concentrating wealth and thus power. Power corrupts as has been noted time and again. Nothing remains the same, all things change, so reasserting the rights and fixing inequities is necessary. Capitalists seek to minimize labor costs, and thus push down wages in economic downturns; some call that good business and reward themselves. Excess wealth accumulates.

When excess wealth manipulates the governing system, poverty results, the middle class declines and injustice prevails. Excess wealth promotes the ideas of superiority, rank and privilege, it also promotes bigotry, hate and racism. Ignorance and fear also promotes these things.

Donald Trump and the Republicans who support him stand for religious and ethnic intolerance, racism and an abusive attitude toward women. Trump’s history and statements indicate he is a deeply narcissistic personality, a dangerous type to be a leader, but the type who seeks leadership by his “divine right of his superiority,” he claims about himself. His treatment of others and words about others disqualify him.

The actions of Republicans have shown their disdain for democracy, civility and reality in the gerrymandering, voter suppression, fear mongering, lies and climate change denials. They are going the wrong direction. Climate can’t wait. Do not support them.

Doug Keith, State College