Letters to the Editor

The stakes are too high

It’s time for undecided registered voters in Pennsylvania to choose which of the major candidates running for president would be a commander in chief, world leader and representative of our nation that we can be proud of and in whose judgment we can have confidence.

We have heard that we are choosing between the two most unpopular candidates ever to be nominated by a major political party and that they are both deeply flawed.

But some mistakes are more serious or harmful than others. Take a step back and consider whether deciding to use your own computer server to do your job is as grievous a mistake as insulting women and demonizing racial, religious and political groups and too many individuals to count.

Ask yourself if you want to help elect a president who aspires to be the bully of the world and who has not shared plans for achieving the promises made or one who has worked with allies and confronted foes around the world through diplomacy and understands how government works.

The stakes are much too high to sit this election out, or to cast a protest vote for someone who cannot be elected. If you are still undecided I urge you to think carefully about the future of our country and the standards our founding fathers set.

We believe in democracy, and liberty and justice for all. For those reasons and more, I am voting for Hillary Clinton for president and hope you will do so, too.

Deborah Klevans, State College