Letters to the Editor

No rational equivalence

Jason Chaffetz and friends in Congress scurried back to their deplorable nominee, very shortly after claiming that they had a “moral responsibility to their daughters” to reject him.

Today, Chaffetz revels in the possibilities of another Hillary Clinton witch hunt.

Benghazi was attacked just weeks after the Republican-controlled House cut the budgets for all of our embassy security around the world. And the Republican-controlled House has continuously refused to fund upgrades to antiquated State Department communication technologies, some emanating from the 1970s (The Hill, May 2016). The State Department’s anachronistic server was hacked.

Clinton’s server was not.

The mogul’s flirtation with Russian President Vladimir Putin continues, even as the Russian dictator just armed an intercontinental ballistic missile with nuclear warheads, and is planning yet another tragic fire-bombing of Aleppo. America distracts itself with the alleged drama of Huma Abedin’s unexamined emails. The House released FBI Director James Comey’s letter, without evidence, deflecting media focus from their incoherent nominee.

There is no rational equivalence between the candidates. One is a diligent and eminently qualified woman, who has worked her entire life for humans without voices. The other is a pathological narcissist, demonstrating neither intellect nor curiosity, who has grotesquely insulted and assaulted women, who suggested that we have nuclear weapons available for use, who has attacked our soldiers, Gold Star families, and our generals, and who has demonized entire populations of decent Americans, all the while “friending” a ruthless dictator, inviting him to hack our election, which clearly he has done.

On Tuesday, we decide.

Marylouise Markle, State College