Letters to the Editor

She can help us

For several years we traveled through upstate New York to our son’s soccer tournaments. It was a sad ride. Towns with beautiful old buildings, churches, schools and businesses were desolate. Streets were so quiet. There was little work, as companies, at that time, had left for warmer states.

A few years later, we revisited, as our niece married someone who grew up there. Things had changed! The old buildings had come alive. The churches were lit. Businesses dotted main streets and people had jobs. What had happened, we asked?

Now, some central Pennsylvanians might be surprised, but … we learned Hillary Clinton had been elected senator. We learned that she met with community leaders from small towns to ask them their needs. And, she listened. It was a first for them, to be consulted and appreciated. Then, she got to work, as she does when she understands a need. She goes into problem-solving mode.

Central Pennsylvania is similar to upstate New York, lovely and green, family values, conservative. So here’s the kicker! Upon re-election, she earned 67 percent of the vote! She proved herself to her Republican citizens and earned their support.

We are not alone. Our issues are reflected in other states as well. So, Clinton has developed a rural plan. If she helped upstate, she can help us, she can help our country. And, so necessary, she can bring us together. Plus, she wants to.

Joanne Santamaria, State College