Letters to the Editor

His transgressions don’t match her’s

No one can dispute that Donald Trump has made some completely unacceptable comments in the past or that he has an affinity for making a politically boneheaded remark.

However, compared with Hillary Clinton, his transgressions do not begin to approach lying to Benghazi victim Sean Smith’s mother about the reason for her son’s murder, and then — albeit with carefully chosen words — calling Gold Star mother Ms. Smith a liar.

And while Clinton’s campaign rails endlessly about Trump’s alleged disrespect for women, it was Clinton who chose to disparage not her husband, but rather the women he sexually assaulted or otherwise engaged, apparently considering the power-versus-honor tradeoff to work in her favor.

As for the future, one of the many examples of Clinton’s math-challenged elite arrogance in pledging to “work tirelessly for the middle class” is her idea to ask taxpayers — which means not just the Koch brothers but all taxpayers, including those of modest income and means — to pay for free college for children of parents with annual incomes up to $125,000. After all, if she can be paid $200,000 for just one speech, a family making only $125,000 per year must be worthy and needful of government assistance.

Jim Sorensen, Boalsburg