Letters to the Editor

The welcome shores of freedom

The strength and success of this country, from it onset, has always been the diversity and gifts of the immigrant populations that settled on these shores. The acceptance, not mere tolerance, of these skills is what has made this country flourish.

My grandparents came to America to escape religious persecution in their native Russia and Poland. My grandmothers were forbidden to go to school because of their religion. One grandmother, with immense pride and joy, learned to read when she was in her 60s. The other never did.

From the time I was a young child, I was taught the importance of living in this free country and what it meant to my grandparents. Freedom was everything to them. Their descendants have become teachers, doctors, lawyers, artists and entrepreneurs, contributing greatly to America because of the courage of four young adults who had the guts to travel across an ocean to America.

The welcome shores of freedom is what made this country great today. We cannot as a nation close those doors because of misplaced paranoia, which would cheat our nation of wonderful diversity of skills of many peoples. A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for what this country has been since its inception.

Avis Jones, State College