Letters to the Editor

Put pressure on regulating CO2

Livestock and their byproducts account for more than 32 billion tons of carbon dioxide per year, or 51 percent of all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions, according to an article published by the World Watch Institute.

Facts and politics behind climate change may not be clear, but one thing is for certain: climate change is alternating the narrative of planet Earth.

The largest contributor to C02 submission isn’t found in massive oil companies or Donald Trump’s hair. Rather, the culprit lays in the hands of an American staple — the burger. Growing up in State College for the majority of my life and a student at Penn State, the surrounding farmlands, cows, and agricultural lifestyle have always been part of my life in this small metropolis.

Agriculture is key to the Pennsylvania identity but that doesn’t mean destroying our Earth has to be. Becoming vegan or stepping away from the factory farms is one way to reduce this emission. Rather than stressing the cruelty of such industries, I invite readers to put on a new lens, one that examines the human-to-environmental relationship with meat processing.

Factory farms dominant agriculture and we have lost the historic significance of family owned farming. Unable to attain that ideal back, the local community and its citizens need to put pressure on regulating the CO2 submissions of such industries, not only just for a better Pennsylvania, but for a better country.

Katrina Burka, State College