Letters to the Editor

Trees should’ve been preserved

Fraser Plaza is a place that has significance.

As John Ruskin might say: Although most people pass through, it is a place where time settles out and primary being obtains, as you could see today if you stopped there as the sun begins to set at the beginning of fall.

At the center of the plaza were two locust trees, which grew up there until the space and the trees were one — shining jewels in a perfect setting.

These trees were cut down to “improve” the site, and I mourned their loss in advance. For they rose in freedom into heaven, fulfilling their time and place. This defined their life and ours as well.

We alone can say their death is ours, too. But their lives, celebrated, promise one fine day to fulfill the age and tell us finally who we are as well.

The town is less now that they, our friends, are gone. The trees have been destroyed and the plaza cleared for the architect’s fresh vision. But on their behalf, I say this plaza is now dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr. Removing the trees violated his vision of nonviolence. This is based on the individual sacredness of all life.

Knowing this, and acting on it, brings man into his full stature. It would have preserved the trees and been a better beginning for honoring King.

But yet I look forward to what the plaza now becomes.

John Harris, State College