Letters to the Editor

Justice prevailed in McQueary case

Once in awhile, justice prevails, and Oct. 28 was a great day for justice.

When Mike McQueary was inexplicably let go from his position with Penn State, it retained disgraced former president Graham Spanier as a staff member, opening the door to him returning to active status.

At that point it became evident that the institution was corrupt and incorrigible, elevating something as inconsequential as college football to an exalted status as it punished the man who tried to bring to light the actions Jerry Sandusky, the beast that lurked within it, molesting vulnerable young boys with impunity for years.

McQueary is a profile in courage. At least he will enjoy financial security for the rest of his life if the $7.3 million award granted him is sustained. He has been vindicated: hallelujah!

Oren Spiegler, Upper Saint Clair