Letters to the Editor

Community bankers making a difference

In this season of political posturing, community bankers are speaking out with a simple and clear message. The role of banking and bankers is critically important to the economic strength of our country and the quality of life we all enjoy.

Despite the politically motivated rhetoric of candidates for public office and the occasional negative headline created by the country’s largest financial institutions, we should not allow the critical role of community banks to be obscured.

Community bankers make a difference every day by focusing on serving the financial needs of their customers and by contributing to the quality of life in their communities. We do not want that fact to be obscured or misrepresented by broad-brush political posturing.

We think if you look around, you won’t look far before coming across a banker who cares deeply about their community and is determined to contribute to the promise of economic vitality for us all.

William P. Hayes, State College

The writer is chairman, president and CEO of Kish Bank.