Letters to the Editor

Veterans Day poem: ‘Soldier in Thought’

I’ve created this poem in remembrance of all of our veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder, in respect of our national holiday, set aside for these men and women of great importance.

Soldier in thought, normal in prayer,

For bombs still blow from firemen’s flares,

For those who’ve served and fought so cold,

Memory of fight shall forever roam,

For who we thank and curse today,

Have saved themselves our yesterdays,

For who we decide their mental state,

May only recognize a familiar chase,

For whom has fought the bitter of heart,

Turn bitter themselves, familiar to art,

Attacked but loved, so bittersweet,

Our vets of war taste hate and greed,

All of man’s wants, compiled to one,

Love and compassion equals as one,

Hate and war, our vets only know,

But battled with love, their souls shall glow.

Bryce Chandler, Bellefonte