Letters to the Editor

Voters presented with moral choice

This election — more than any other in the past 150 years — presented Americans with a moral choice.

From beginning to end, Trump’s campaign was about Mexicans and Hispanic-Americans as wetbacks and rapists, blacks as murderers, women as objects of pleasure and derision, Muslims as terrorists, Jews as international bankers controlling the levers of world power, and those who disagreed with him as dangerous people who should be beaten up, locked up, deported or killed.

These are the things he talked about at his rallies and in his television interviews, in his debate appearances and his television advertisements. These are the beliefs that he says underpin, guide and define his policies. These are the things that are, to him, what a “Great America” believes in and acts on.

There is no escaping it: Every single person who voted for Trump chose — as the person whose beliefs and values they are most comfortable with, who they believe will best reflect America’s character, values and interests in enforcing laws at home and representing America and American interests abroad — a racist, misogynistic, anti-Semitic, authoritarian bully.

Lee Samuel Finn, State College