Letters to the Editor

Right about rigged result

During the campaign, Donald Trump complained that the system was rigged and hinted that violence could result if he were not elected.

He was right, but the victim was wrong: Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 200,000 votes nationally but lost in the Electoral College. That’s a rigged result that makes a joke out of the will of voters and democracy.

The last time that happened, the U.S. was saddled with George W. Bush — which worked out so well for us because 9/11 occurred on his watch, two never-ending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were started under false pretenses by Bush and his cronies, and the Bush financial crisis nearly destroyed the U.S. and world economy.

Now, the majority of Americans are stuck with a united but illegitimate minority Republican government and its kooky orthodoxy of tax cuts for the rich like Trump (but not anyone else), the repeal of Obamacare (which will cost 20 million people their insurance), extreme (but unnecessary) spending on the military, and reactionary social policies embedded in a Supreme Court that will defy the wishes of the American majority for over a generation.

Voters whose candidate was not elected owe President-elect Trump and his Republican supporters exactly the same support and courtesy that Mitch McConnell and his colleagues in Congress gave Barack Obama throughout his two terms in office.

When you meet Trump’s alt right supporters, be sure to greet them properly with a “Heil Trump” and an appropriate salute.

William J. Rothwell, State College