Letters to the Editor

Prices are too high

In response to the Nov. 4 editorial about increasing demand at the University Park Airport and “leakage” to other airports of 40 percent, I don’t think the reason is all that mysterious.

Prices are too high. Price directly correlates to demand.

Maybe if the airlines weren’t so greedy we’d support them more and wouldn’t need to seek alternatives.

I travel to Denver a couple of times a year and have flown out of SCE, and also have taken the Amtrak run to Pittsburgh and then flown Frontier nonstop to Denver.

Why? Price. Here’s a comparison:

A round-trip train ticket from Tyrone to Pittsburgh — three-plus hours in comfortable seats — is approximately $40. A non-stop, roundtrip ticket on Frontier from Pittsburgh to Denver is as low as $120 (or $59 each way recently, not counting baggage fees). The train option means factoring in the cost of a motel for one night each way (estimated minimum $160), but I’m in Denver by 10 a.m. the next day and I avoid cramped commuter plane seats and bumpy rides. Price? Approximately $320 total.

When this isn’t possible, I usually fly Delta from SCE because of a credit card/SkyMiles deal. Delta’s price for the same dates: $663, not counting baggage fee thievery.

It may be that the airlines control the prices (especially if you think you just must fly), but there are good, cheaper options. Until they stop holding local travelers hostage, I’ll take the other option whenever time permits.

Doug Stanfield, Bellefonte