Letters to the Editor

Save the counseling

On Thursday, Penn State President Eric Barron published a letter to the Penn State community in the aftermath of Tuesday’s election.

Most of it talked about pulling together as a university and respect for opposing ideas. However, the final paragraph offered “supportive spaces” and the use of Counseling and Psychological Services for those who felt the need.

My first thought on reading this was, would this letter have been written had Hillary Clinton won the election? I doubt it. But more importantly, is this the message we send our young as we prepare them for adulthood? When things don’t go your way, seek therapy?

When they graduate from the Penn State theme park, they are going to enter a hard world filled with adversity and challenges and somehow they will need to adapt. I think a better message might be filled with a little dose of reality: “Life is not fair. You don’t always get to win. Suck it up and move on.”

Let’s save the counseling services for those who have experienced real trauma.

Ted Timmerman, State College