Letters to the Editor

It does make a difference

At a Benghazi hearing regarding the deaths of the fallen, Hillary Clinton asked this infamous question: “What difference at this point does it make?”

On Nov. 8, the American people gave her an unequivocal answer.

It does make a difference, Hillary, when good men die trying to honorably serve their country. Their lives mattered to their loved ones and their brothers-in-arms who did everything possible to rescue them because repeated calls for support were ignored. On that horrible day the American dictum “Leave no one behind” was unconscionably replaced by “You’re on your own, we don’t care” to the point of Obama refusing to cancel a Las Vegas fundraiser.

Obama and Clinton were there to meet the fallen at Benghazi when they came back to America and lied to their families that the deaths of their loved ones were caused by an obscure internet video.

What happened at Benghazi was the direct result of promoting the farce of President Barack Obama’s Arab Spring that encouraged the takeover of the Middle East by radical Islamists that our military has been fighting and dying to protect us from since 9/11, resulting in the persecution of all those who wouldn’t kowtow to a “Shariah law or death” mentality with Christians seeing the burning of their churches and congregations.

Encouraging an unsustainable open-borders policy, which is a death wish for a country’s survival in that one man’s refugee is another man’s terrorist, is something that President-elect Donald Trump perfectly understands.

Gary Morella, Lemont