Letters to the Editor

Words matter, time to apologize

The election is over and the president-elect is Donald Trump. Some have called for protest while those in charge have called for calm, prayers and acceptance. Those who are delighted with Trump’s election tell the rest of the country ”to get over it.” Neither acceptance, violent protest, nor delight is the correct response.

Words matter — especially if those words come from the man who wants to be the president of every American. Even an ardent Trump supporter said that it was hard to vote for a president who used such vulgar, hate-filled speech. We are taught that sticks and stones will break our bones, but names will never hurt us. Yet, if it is the leader of the free world, there is an impact. In Europe that impact is being felt in the empowerment of Neo Nazi groups who feel they have a chance to take over Europe. In America, it means the empowerment of hate groups and sexual predators.

If Trump truly wants to be the president of all Americans, it is time for him to apologize, and become the “great” leader he claims to be. That would mean a sincere recognition that his words were wrong — not misconstrued. It requires an apology for what he said — not a vague regret statement. It means he would have to leave his comfort zone and put the country ahead of himself. If that is what he wants America to do, we can ask no less of him.

Phyllis Baker, Centre Hall