Letters to the Editor

Look internally for answer

For all the students who gathered at Old Main to express their displeasure with the next elected president, thank you for caring and expressing your rights. I hope you voted.

We should all be glad to be able to express ourselves. We should enjoy the freedoms to gather and express free speech — rights that are no different today than they were before the election — and rights that will exist years from now.

Please recognize we are a Republic, not a democracy. There are numerous Americans within the Republic who exercised their civic duty to vote knowing the candidate they voted for was less qualified, decisive and mostly stank. Don’t stereotype these voters as haters, racists or uneducated individuals made a tough choice to vote for change because they did not believe in the status quo. Look internally as to why the Democratic Party lost its roots with the working class of America. The majority (based on employment rates, geographic regions, production of tangible goods and farm products, and skilled labor) chose the least liked candidate the Republican Party has ever presented — not even liked by key Republican leaders.

Don’t blame the average voter. The Democrats carried media support (nearly every newspaper in the country endorsed Clinton), supported an experienced leader and conducted a well-funded, national campaign. Republicans provided open support to Clinton; yet, the average citizen in Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Montana ... voted for Trump.

Look for internal not external for reasons for this stunning American decision.

Chas Doty, State College