Letters to the Editor

OK Slab Cabin Run initiative

Page 7 of the 2013 Centre Region Comprehensive Plan states that it “is intended to preserve the characteristics that make the region unique” and that “the Centre Region maintains both a friendly urban and rural atmosphere that residents want to protect for the enjoyment of future generations.”

Page 8 indicates that the plan “must balance the interests of many different individuals and groups, and be a reasonable reflection of the shared goals and values of the entire region.”

Page 10 identifies seven core principles, four of which are satisfied by the Slab Cabin Run Initiative:

No. 2: Environmental Quality — Protect natural resources, including air, water, energy, wildlife and wetlands, in the Centre Region.

No. 3: Multimunicipal and Agency Cooperation — Continue to maintain and improve multimunicipal solutions to issues that transcend municipal boundaries.

No. 4: Sustainable Region — Plan for social, environmental and economic sustainability at a regional level.

No. 6: Agriculture — Agriculture is an important part of the economy and the heritage of the region. Protect and support this way of life to ensure the viability of agriculture in the region.

I wonder, how many other collaborative initiatives directly fulfill so many directives of the Center Region Comprehensive Plan?

We need to approve the Slab Cabin Run Initiative!

Virginia Belser, State College