Letters to the Editor

Penn State can make statement win

Congratulations to coach James Franklin and the rest of the 2016 Penn State football team for winning the Big Ten Championship. Though I believe if the College Football Selection Committee had a written set of principles for selecting who will play in the College Football Playoffs, rather than being totally subjective, they would have been forced to select Penn State.

Strength of schedule doesn’t matter or Washington not only would not have been selected, but in all likelihood would also have two losses if it played a competitive non-conference schedule. Head to head and winning the conference championship does not matter or Ohio State would have not been selected; the selection committee believed Ohio State was a better team than Penn State, even though PSU beat the Buckeyes on the field and won the Big Ten.

Penn State has the opportunity to send a strong message to the selection committee that its “reasoning” was flawed in not selecting Penn State as one of the top four teams in the country, by defeating USC soundly. USC was one of the few quality teams Washington played and the one that defeated them; I expect the Alabama Crimson Tide to roll over Washington. If Penn State can roar over the USC Trojans and show up in numbers to make the Rose Bowl a whiteout and blow out USC, you better believe the rest of the college football world will be questioning how they selected Washington over Penn State.

John Bloom,

Newport News, Va.