Letters to the Editor

Too many chickens in the coop

I have just read several articles and watched videos from multiple news sources regarding the crowds on Beaver Avenue after the football game on Dec. 3.


Over the past 75-plus years, how many times have students gathered on State College streets to celebrate important sports victories? How about the infamous Arts Festival fiasco?

How many times have students gathered to protest happenings on campus? For example: the firing of Joe Paterno, protest things like the Vietnam War, deaths of young men in general, election of presidents?

There are numerous events that have occurred. The one item in common: the canyon on Beaver Avenue and nearby streets. Apartment buildings holding thousands of students. Who permitted these buildings? State College Borough Council. Who is the biggest complainer? State College police (borough council). Who has approved at least five additional high-rise buildings in the past couple of years? Again, State College Borough Council. I cannot wait to hear their politically correct whining about everything under the sun as the causes/reasons.

You wanted the students to pay taxes, spend money, make fortunes for selected individuals whoown stores, bars, clubs, restaurants, etc. I know you never expected any of this to happen. Maybe you should consult with the Penn State College of Agriculture about what happens when you put too many chickens in the coop, cows and sheep in fields, bees in a hive.

Were there any riots at any of the other housing areas: on campus, in College, Ferguson or Patton townships, etc.?

Thomas M. Kupchinsky, State College