Letters to the Editor

The correct name

1) A tornado happens. A volcano eruption happens. A football fan riot does not happen. It is man-made. The CDT told us five times in one article (12/5) that the events following the game last Saturday “happened.” Please count. Five times “it happened.” All wrong.

2) In different headlines in the same issue of the CDT, we read about the events after the game last Saturday, three times the word “celebration” is used to describe them. I guess this was intentional. Surely it gives the wrong impression to the reader. The word “celebration” does not represent the events of that night. It was a riot, and not the first one after a football game. Give it the correct name.

3) I am waiting to hear a word or two by coach James Franklin regarding the riots. His team, his fans. Do we have to wait till a person gets hurt during one of the “celebrations”?

Dr. Sigrid Bingenheimer, State College