Letters to the Editor

Democrats should return the favor

Now that Trump is president-elect, we can expect to see typical approaches to many problems.

First, when facts get in the way, Trumpsters will make up something. Fiction will take the place of facts. Fake news will be the official position of the U.S. government.

Second, when Trumpsters don’t like the arguments of others, they will not rely on reasoned argument to show the fallacy of differing viewpoints. Instead, they will call people names.

Third, when we face national problems, Trumpsters will blame other people rather than solve the problems. Pick any group. Blaming groups of people for national problems worked for Hitler, and it is sure to work for Trumpsters.

Fourth, get ready for conflict of interest problems with Trump that put anything Hillary Clinton did to shame. You will see his kids working in his company and counseling on government issues that affect the business at the same time. We still haven’t seen Trump’s income taxes.

The worst that could ever happen to Republicans is for them to win the presidency, Congress and the courts. It is easy to complain, criticize, refuse compromises and make up conspiracy theories. But when the party bears responsibility for solving problems, then complaining will not cut it. Voters will finally see Republicans for what they are, self-interested servants of the billionaire class who could care less about the working class.

Democrats should treat Trump exactly like Republicans treated Barack Obama. No quarter.

William J. Rothwell, State College