Letters to the Editor

Municipalities should contribute to Slab Cabin Run Initiative

I strongly support the Clearwater Conservancy’s Slab Cabin Run Initiative to put 300 acres of land currently owned by the Meyers and Everhart families into a conservation easement.

These land parcels are within the wellhead protection area for both Wellfields 1 and 3 (Thomas/Harter). Pollutants from development on watersheds can end up in groundwater runoff and ultimately in the wells. The Thomas/Harter wellfields recharge two-thirds of the drinking water for the majority of the State College area. There is a cumulative effect of development on degradation of a watershed, and this easement will go a long way to protecting it by leaving this land undeveloped for a long time.

There will soon be an appeal from Clearwater for public donations to help purchase the land for the easement. Public financial support is critical, but right now, the State College Borough and each of the townships served by State College Borough Water Authority have been asked for a contribution to help cover the cost of the land purchase and we strongly encourage the municipalities to make these contributions.

I applaud Ferguson Township for voting on Dec. 5 to make this investment in clean water and encourage SCBWA to contribute the full amount requested by Clearwater, which can be recovered over time from the ratepayers. Investment in this easement will be far less expensive than having to build a $60 million water treatment plant down the road if we don’t protect this important part of our watershed.

Kelli Hoover, Pennsylvania Furnace