Letters to the Editor

House salaries should be cut

The commonwealth of Pennsylvania is in financial trouble. The legislature is bloated and vastly overpaid for the number of days they work and the effort they put into it.

House members get $80,000 per year. And if the budget doesn’t pass by June 30 other sectors of society suffer but not the legislature. And if there is a deficit, the poor people in the state are the ones who suffer from budget cuts, not the legislature.

It is clear where I am headed. The salaries of House members should be cut, as well as the number of House members. For example: $20,000 times 200 is $4 million, as is $80,000 times a reduction of 50 House members. And if we cut off all legislative salaries after June 30 if the budget isn’t passed, we would likely see a lot more cooperation between the governor and the legislature.

I know this is a pipe dream because the legislature will never cut its salary or cut off their salary for not meeting the budget deadline. But that is what they should do instead of passing along the deficit to people who really can’t afford to be without services.

Edward H. Klevans, State College