Letters to the Editor

Misplaced sermon

Cal Thomas has been writing opinion page columns for decades, and I don’t remember reading a single one I agreed with. But at least they were actually opinion pieces, and Thomas has a right to his opinions.

However, his Dec. 27 “editorial” (“The familiarity of Christmas”) is a not an opinion piece at all. It is a sermon. It has absolutely no place in a newspaper serving a multicultural community that includes valued citizens who are not Christian but Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or another of the world’s many forms of faith.

In the “Book of Cal,” even some Christians do not make the cut. The billion-plus Roman Catholics living today evidently missed the “absolute understanding” of Christmas and Christianity provided by Martin Luther. The “real” Christmas is “For Protestants Only.”

I am disappointed that the CDT considers this lay-sermonizing acceptable, much less worthy, of its opinion page. Its inclusion in the paper is disrespectful to all (including Christians) who do not share Thomas’ narrow vision of the “real meaning of Christmas.”

I may be a baptized Protestant myself but this is actually irrelevant to my feeling of offense at Thomas’ piece, which denigrates the “real“ meaning of a modern civil society.

Jennifer Wagner-Lawlor, State College