Letters to the Editor

Listen to Professor Mann

Regarding Mr. Edmunds’ letter to the Centre Daily Times on Dec. 27, (“Elections have consequences”):

The Republican Congress and its new president might ignore climate change scientists such as Professor Mann. But I doubt it will do so for the same reason that the 17th century church could not ignore Galileo, even though the pope and his cardinals well knew that this great scientist was telling the truth about the earth’s orbit about the sun.

Yet, the church, a fierce guardian of what it called “error,” could not endure the embarrassment caused by Galileo, whom it threatened with punishment and (as in the case of Professor Mann) unsuccessfully tried to silence. It feared losing authority in the eyes of its Catholic followers for its incorrect teaching about the orbits of planets.

I am convinced, though I will never be able to prove it, that most of the so-called climate deniers in Congress know that, like the pope with Galileo, Professor Mann is telling the truth. Likewise, posterity will show these people to have been fools and, as the church was obliged to do much later for Galileo, apologize for their “error.”

Toby Carlson, State College