Letters to the Editor

Countersuit without merit

As a passionate Penn Stater, I am appalled by the latest actions of the university.

The countersuit filed against Graham Spanier is both despicable and without merit. The board and the administration continue to demonstrate extremely poor governance.

Why, more than four years after the Freeh report, would they use Louis Freeh’s “opinions” against Spanier, which are incompetently based on one very vague email? The timing is certainly suspect. The board is laser focused on perpetuating the false narrative they created in 2011, and are willing to destroy anyone who gets in their way.

Perhaps Spanier has been too proactive on his own behalf, and it is their intention to launch an all out attack to wear him down. This is ethically wrong on so many levels. They are depleting university funds and harming good, loyal former employees. It’s what they have done time and time again.

Using the Freeh report for such purposes is unconscionable. The document has been a sham since the beginning. Perhaps if President Barron would have reviewed it and formed his own opinion, as he originally promised, he would not find himself involved in such vindictive and shameful behavior.

In my opinion, this board and administration is out of control. There hasn’t been sound leadership at Penn State since Spanier was in Old Main. This regime has totally lost its way. Whatever happened to “may no act of ours bring shame”?

Ceil Masella, Apex, N.C.