Letters to the Editor

Poor stewardship of taxpayer money

This comment piggybacks on a recent comment regarding publicizing salaries of university administrators and how those salaries affect affordability of education.

Penn State, faced with a demand to publicize salaries, cut a deal in which they would provide only the top 25 salaries paid by PSU and called it “public information”. This information is public — but not really — just try to find these top 25 salaries, then use the following link when you fail: controller.psu.edu /sites/default/files/users/ controller/docs/RightTo KnowReport2015.pdf.

Once there you must open a PDF file and scroll to pages 53 and 86. My guess is that most readers, and most employees of PSU, are unaware of this “public” information and most likely could not find this information if they tried.

First off, you will see in that list that Graham Spanier is currently being paid an amount that exceeds the salary of Eric Barron. Spanier’s salary and the cost of his lawyers is taxpayer money squandered because it diverts money from student education. This money is a direct remnant of the Sandusky debacle, also caused by university administration; they and the board of trustees should explain Spanier’s salary. Those responsible for all this non-productive spending should not be rewarded with hefty, or any, salary increases.

This is poor stewardship of taxpayer money and everyone should be concerned.

Don Kohler, Tampa, Fla.