Letters to the Editor

A ‘traitor’ soon to be in White House

After Friday, there will be a traitor sitting in the Oval Office.

A traitor in the pay of what President Ronald Reagan called “the evil empire.”

A traitor spreading Russian propaganda and misinformation.

A traitor who removed from the Republican Party platform the condemnation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

A traitor who denigrates NATO, the alliance that has for 70 years protected the free world from Russian aggression.

A traitor who sabotages the production of F-35, the advanced fighter plane that would maintain American military superiority and that the Russians fear most.

As they did against Reagan’s anti-ballistic missile defense in the 1980’s, the Russians blackmail and bribe “useful idiots” in the West to become their surrogates in their agenda to make Russia great again, and they will now have one in the White House.

Thomas Jech, State College