Letters to the Editor

Can’t Clinton get a break?

Hillary Clinton should never have said “basket of deplorables.”

The phrase was part of an extended speech in which she made clear it referenced the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic sentiments in the Trump campaign. And it was cherry-picked, as was her phrase from a different speech, “we’re going to shut down a lot of coal mines.” Her remarks before and after that sentence were surgically removed and the Trump campaign had a field day with the sound bite.

But one is hard pressed to think of any other instance of Clinton making a derogatory remark about anyone. Actually, both are pretty mild if compared to the long list of offensive epithets that have escaped the lips/tweets of her rival both before and after the election. But for some reason we give him a pass. Why?

Please, can’t we give Clinton a break? Or better yet, Google her speeches and read the complete texts. It’s all out there.

Joanne Feldman,

State College