Letters to the Editor

Medicare for all

With Rep. Glenn Thompson’s vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, he indicates the residents of Pennsylvania’s 5th District do not deserve:

Health care: Approximately 21,000 district residents will lose coverage (Based on averages from HHS)

▪ An end to discrimination and loss of coverage based on preexisting conditions

▪ An end to lifetime health care caps

▪ Children to remain on their parent’s healthcare until age 26

▪ Free preventative care

Medicaid: Approximately 12,000 district residents will lose coverage (Based on averages from HHS)

▪ Mental health care and protection

▪ The ability to fight opioid addiction

▪ The women of the district to pay the same for health care as men

▪ Subsidies for residents to help afford health insurance

▪ Lower cost prescription drugs for our seniors by closing the Medicare doughnut hole

Glenn Thompson voted more than 60 times to strip protections from his constituents and has not offered any explanation or any replacement plans. It is his responsibility to have an in person, not a telephone, town hall to explain his votes.

The American health care issue is complex because we made it so. We can simplify it. Health care economists note the only way to insure everyone is to insure everyone pays: Medicare for all.

Andrew G. Merritt,

Halfmoon Township