Letters to the Editor

Women’s march a powerful display

My daughter, 17, feasted her eyes on democracy Saturday at the women’s march in Washington, D.C.

We stood with more than 500,000 at an all-inclusive, all-embracing, peaceful show of support for civil liberties, human rights and dignity. Police and orange-vested volunteers greeted us with “welcome to your city.” As we made our way from the bus drop off to the National Mall, we passed homes adorned with Martin Luther King Jr. quote lawn signs. Stirring.

A sea of pink pussy hats reminded us of the vile anti-women rhetoric of this administration. Like many, we missed the rally speakers, and we could not get close to the actual march due to the sheer size of the crowds and traffic getting into the city.

No matter; the march organically spilled onto adjacent streets, and we stood shoulder to shoulder with like-minded, democracy-loving men and women. There were many clever signs and earnest chants, but perhaps none truer than, “this is what democracy looks like.”

I’m so proud to have participated and so thrilled that my daughter witnessed this peaceful, inspirational and powerful display. I hate to use the “A-word,” but yes, it was awesome.

Ronnie Seaton, State College