Letters to the Editor

A reminder of voting record

Thank you to the CDT for printing the Roll Call to tell us how our elected representatives (Glenn Thompson 202-225-5121 and Bill Shuster 202-225-2431) have voted on our behalf.

If you don’t agree, call them. Every day.

In case you missed the Jan. 9 article, here’s a reminder of how your elected officials voted recently:

▪  Repeal the ACA (Affordable Care Act). 22 million people have this.

▪  Prohibit smartphones streaming information from the House floor

▪  Block voting by representatives from D.C. and U.S. territories

▪  Kill regulations from the Obama administration that would protect health, safety and the environment

▪  Allow insurance companies to deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions

▪  Reverse present law where Congress can kill new regulations before they are in place which bypasses a process for comments and input from the general public

▪  Against exempting existing safety regulations for nuclear power plants in the U.S. from new regulations that will be coming

▪  Back “an amendment pitting clean air for children against regulatory relief for businesses.”

▪  Against requiring their votes to be recorded on legislation that greatly increases carbon emissions

▪  Against any new regulations to protect drinking water from contamination

A reminder: Representatives are elected every two years.

Janet Friel, State College