Letters to the Editor

We are a nation of immigrants

I encourage all members of our community to strongly oppose President Donald Trump’s recent Muslim immigration ban. We must stand together and resist the fear that the president is fomenting to justify these racist and unconstitutional decrees.

We are a nation of immigrants and one only need to walk around the Penn State campus and visit its classrooms to see how American Muslims and immigrants from Muslim countries are inextricably woven into the fabric of our university and our community. This decree will ban bright and ambitious students from these countries who want to learn at our universities and contribute to both our society and their own.

This is scapegoating and it is wrong. These policies tarnish our moral standing in the world and run counter to the founding principles of our country as a nation of immigrants. By alienating our allies in Muslim countries, who provide intelligence and assistance against terrorism, these policies actually make us less safe. And by responding to terrorism with counterproductive and short-sighted “solutions” rather than by resolve and unity, we allow terrorists to achieve their goal of sowing fear.

Rep. Glenn Thompson and Sen. Pat Toomey, show us that you share our principles and represent our voices by drafting legislation to reverse these abhorrent policies.

Will Hancock, State College