Letters to the Editor

EPA shouldn’t become BPA

Regarding the expansion permit requested at the Oak Hall Quarry: This quarry has been in operation for 100 years and now the current owners are requesting to dig deeper. If a brand new quarry permit were being requested today next to Spring Creek, I doubt it would ever pass.

Trucking in limestone from another rural quarry, which is 20 miles away, sounds like a good alternative for this necessary commodity.

Not all of us are happy to see land developers such as Toll Brothers come in and build countless housing complexes, which is driving up a demand for this product.

A few years ago, there was an earthquake in this region; consider what might occur if there were an earthquake near the quarry walls next to the creek.

Also, the continual dynamite blasting is a threat to the foundation of our house, not to mention quality of life. Dynamite blasting should not be done in an urban area.

In this regime, I hope the EPA will not be forced to change its name to BPA (Business Protection Agency).

Lynne Echard, Lemont