Letters to the Editor

Put children first

It was with sadness and dismay that we read the Jan. 29 letter, “Put heterosexual couples first.”

Sadness because there are so many children in need of safe, supportive families — and still others who have found those families in the homes of gay couples, but who face discrimination from people who prioritize family structure over family well-being.

Credible social scientists have found no evidence that heterosexual couples provide “the best environment for a child.” Some studies actually find that children of same-sex parents fare better. Findings cited to suggest that they fare worse have been thoroughly debunked by experts across multiple fields. Using pseudoscience to promote discriminatory policies jeopardizes children’s wellbeing.

Here’s what does predict child health and happiness: Safe, caring parent-child relationships. To provide those, parents need the economic resources to put food on the table, the emotional support to navigate daily stressors of parenting and freedom from the kind of discrimination that your article perpetuates and that causes real psychological harm.

So, people looking to advocate for Pennsylvania’s children, please do write your representatives:

Ask that families have access to food through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program .

Ask that families have access to high quality, affordable child care through Head Start.

Demand that children have access to health care through Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

And ask that all children in need of families be given the greatest chance of having them, regardless of parents’ sexual orientation or gender identity.

Kelsey Quigley and Alex Busuito, State College