Letters to the Editor

Quarry not a welcome neighbor

Kudos to Robert Echard’s opinion piece entitled “Mines don’t make good neighbors” (CDT, 2/1).

My husband and I built a home in Fieldstone Development (directly across from Mount Nittany Middle School) in 2013. Soon after moving in, I experienced on several occasions a horrible scare caused by a loud noise, followed by vibrations that shook my entire house to the point of the windows and glassware rattling and the pendant lights swaying. On each occasion, I literally screamed from fright.

I had no idea what was going on until the summer of 2014 when a neighbor told me it was blasting from Hanson’s quarry. Since then, I have called and written College Township to complain, and received calls and a letter encouraging me to get to know Hanson Aggregates and to get on its call list for notification of upcoming blasting.

College Township also published in a newsletter a piece on Hanson and its blasting. It was made very clear that Hanson was here to stay, the DEP monitored blasts and there was nothing we could do about it.

I cannot believe that having a house shaken at least once a month can be good for any part of the structure. I now receive the warning calls, which just means I don’t scream when the blasts come.

Echard is right. Hanson needs to finish up and move on to a non-residential location.

Kathleen Backus Cocolin, State College