Letters to the Editor

Foster better understanding

The Centre LGBTQA Support Network has been heartened to see all the letters to the editor as well as online responses to the letter “Heterosexuals First” written by Don Cistaro. We disagree with any attempt to silence a voice and welcome our neighbor’s opinion.

Nonetheless, as it was pointed out numerous times, Cistaro has an opinion that is not supported in fact. Many people who responded to his letter provided data to support the truth. We invite all allied members of the community to help us foster better understanding and empathy in our civic and faith communities.

The mission of Centre LGBTQA Support Network is to encourage, recognize and celebrate efforts to foster an environment of safety, equality, respect and affirmation for LGBTQA people in the Centre region One of the things the “A” stands for is allies. The CLSN has allies on our board and throughout the Centre region.

We welcome these statements of support from allies in the community and encourage you to contact us via Facebook or our website, CentreLGBTQA.org. Also, like or contact CommUNITY Gathering for Peace on Facebook.

Kerry Wiessmann,

State College