Letters to the Editor

2-adult policy could protect kids

The remaining charges against Penn State administrators Graham Spanier, Tim Curley and Gary Schultz should have never been filed and should be thrown out if and when the case finally comes to trial.

The fact that the charges were filed in the first place will rightly but unfortunately discourage others from cooperating with police, prosecutors and grand juries except in cases where they have initiated the contacts by reporting crimes.

Mike McQueary testified under oath that he heard noises that sounded like sexual activity, but, when he actually looked, he saw only Jerry Sandusky standing close to a boy in the shower. He added that he would have called police over a burglary but not over what he saw in the shower. A known or reasonably suspected sexual assault on a child is reportable to police on the spot, end of story. It is not surprising that action was not taken beyond the report to The Second Mile.

I would however have also instituted a two-adult policy (if Penn State did not already have one) that said no adult can be alone on campus with a child who belongs to somebody else. That would have meant not only Sandusky but also McQueary, Paterno, you, me and every single other adult student, faculty member, visitor and staff member. A two-adult policy protects children from abuse, adults from outlandish accusations such as those leveled at the Amiraults and everybody from questionable situations like the one McQueary encountered.

William A. Levinson,

Wilkes Barre