Letters to the Editor

Protection from pollution needed

As Mr. Trump tells us that the media is downplaying the risk posed by “radical Islamic terrorists,” I’d like to point out something else the media is also playing down. While terrorism is only responsible for at most a few dozen premature American deaths per year, air pollution is responsible for about 200,000. Most of these premature deaths are attributed pollution from road transportation and power generation, which rely heavily on the combustion of something Trump really loves: fossil fuels.

Mr. Trump says he is protecting American lives by closing our borders to individuals from seven countries, while he strips regulations that are meant to protect Americans from pollution, which already kills hundreds of thousands each year. In doing so, he’s also bringing prosperity to an industry that has obstructed action on climate change through a deliberate public disinformation campaign and lobbying in Washington.

This doesn’t sound like “putting America first.” It sounds like hypocrisy, and I urge him to reconsider his initiatives.

Lucien Simpfendoerfer, State College