Letters to the Editor

Wrongly placed concern

Wow. Rep. Glenn Thompson, after avoiding his constituents for weeks, calls the CDT to deliver the latest Republican talking points and is given the boldest headline and top story?

Thompson and his party have done nothing but work to destabilize and destroy the Affordable Care Act and now he is concerned about people being hurt? No, he is concerned only about his party being hurt.

Thompson’s only loyalty is to the Republican Party and Grover Norquist — check his voting record — and now he is a Trump toady. He is just being what he is. But what is the excuse of the CDT for the prominent placement of this “news”? Put it on the opinion page or in the recycling bin.

Here’s a fact: my health premium increased less than 2 percent this year. The deductible did not change. That policy is available through the Healthcare Marketplace for most of the Fifth Congressional District.

Scott Flipse, State College