Letters to the Editor

McClain belongs on the bench

After having spent a year with Casey McClain in Leadership Centre County, I have only the utmost respect for him and his decision to run for district judge.

During our short time in LCC, it was obvious that he was passionate about reforming our justice system, as he always offered valuable insights to the problems our county is now facing with drugs and crime.

Given his nearly 14 years of experience as a public defender, and four years as an adjunct professor in the law school at Penn State, I truly believe he is also highly qualified to be an instrument of reform from the bench. As the cost to house an inmate is now more than $32,000 per year, I want someone who will not only make sure the dangerous criminals are taken off the streets, but someone who will also look for every possible way to offer a second chance to the many who have made bad choices in life.

In “LCC Writes,” McClain said something that really hit home for me at the time: “Education, prevention and treatment must be a fundamental and ongoing goal for our society or else we will be a society of prison walls and shattered lives.”

Someone with this mindset belongs on the bench next January.

Jason Penland, Howard