Letters to the Editor

Real discussion needed

Everything that I have read in the CDT recently regarding Rep. Glenn Thompson indicates a need for a town hall meeting.

In the roll call I learn, without public input, that Thompson has quickly voted to dump coal debris into our streams and expel natural gas into the air. This short-sighted and unhealthy “solution” zipped through Congress.

On Friday, I read about Thompson attempting a one-person discussion of ACA. Thompson’s points were confusing and I work in mental health and deal with insurance. He tells voters that Obamacare “will implode” without action.

Really? What is his plan for us? He cites people “getting kicked off their health care plans.” Does that mean he supports health care for the most people? He says “access” to care did not work by expanding Medicaid. Is he advocating for a block grant to Medicaid (a set amount of money regardless of need).

Are women charged more as I’ve read by other letter writers? Is Medicare affected as AARP reported? How much are tax breaks and are they upfront or after you pay out of pocket for health care? Will current funding remain?

When is Thompson planning on voting? Given his behavior, the fear is as quickly as possible without public input. He says we must “have the discussion.” I wholeheartedly agree. I am referring to a real discussion with his constituents to discuss and explain his positions long before he votes. I vote “yes” on direct town halls quickly.

Teresa Welch, Bellefonte