Letters to the Editor

Make America respectable again

Those of us intent on restoring a sense of dignity, honesty and character to the White House have a long road ahead of us. But if we all begin now to do a little at a time, we can have a continuing impact that will gain momentum.

1) Start now by putting a dollar or two a week in a dedicated container to help finance the political campaign of your favorite candidate.

2) Choose the two to three issues you’re most passionate about to champion. Check out startguide.org and click on “Leading Organizations.” Join one or two committed to your favorite issues.

3) Make a small donation — a monthly one if you can swing it — to one organization that fights for your favorite cause. Even $10 will help.

4) Call your representatives to let them know your positions, and to thank them for their work. Phone calls are powerful. Don’t know what to say? Start with, “I’ve never called this office before, but it’s never been more important.” Then state your case respectfully, and/or thank them for supporting your position.

5) Pull up the website “99WaysToFightTrump.com” for more ideas and links to contact information. Include the link on your email and social media signature.

The power of the presidency is undeniable, but it doesn’t compare to millions of American citizens working together to make things happen. Let’s take the time we used to spend worrying and complaining, and use it to make America respectable again!

Holly Snyder, State College