Letters to the Editor

Chaos in Washington

The new president is the incarnation of Grover Norquist’s desired “monkey” with “enough working digits to handle a pen.”

Without troubling his gray matter, the conjured one’s truncated digits have exhaustively been signing “executive orders” written by others, a feat so tiring it required two multimillion-dollar, taxpayer-funded vacations in Florida, where a public discussion of classified material allegedly ensued, in full purview of club members and staff.

The initial frenzy culminated in a litany of lies surrounding a national security adviser, and some profoundly Soviet-style accusations of “fake news” directed at respected newspapers, even as Breitbart zombies answered all questions with “alternative facts.”

Republicans love their seriously unstable creature, particularly as he signs away climate accords, clean air and water, health care, human rights and those of endangered species. The capstone of this onslaught began with an inhuman “Muslim ban” that deserves no other name, and an obscenely expensive taxpayer wall in the face of net-zero immigration from Mexico.

Republican senators have confirmed, among others, a dancing cowboy to replace a nuclear physicist, an oil mogul and Putin ally to replace a studied diplomat, an education secretary who hates public schools, an attorney general who opposes voting rights, an EPA head committed to unsustainable use without preservation of the environment and an HHS secretary opposed to affordable health care.

The jungle fever has no infrastructure and jobs bill, but for those proposed by Democrats and ignored, while craven ideologues script the man behind the curtain, holding the pen.

Marylouise Markle,

State College