Letters to the Editor

The time has come to fight dictatorship

The Feb. 24 issue of the Centre Daily Times contained on Page 2A a very revealing article on Stephen Bannon and the political direction of the present Republican administration in the White House.

Plainly stated, the goal of Bannon and Donald Trump is the destruction of American democracy and the American way of life. If you “deconstruct” the government by eliminating all rules, regulations and taxes, then, you do the very opposite of either a conservative or liberal form of governing, which depends upon public accountability, just laws, observance of individual rights and a free press to ensure transparency in the formation of public policy.

Who is going to rule in Bannon and Trump’s world: not the people, but those who can buy the government, the billionaires and control the minds of the untutored, those who believe what they are told.

The time has come to fight dictatorship. The time has come for the true conservatives, those who want to conserve our American way of life, to oppose the current drift toward one-man government.

Garth Gillan, Spring Mills