Letters to the Editor

Constituents not political opponents

Re: “Rep. Thompson’s constituents will hold town hall, with or without him,” (CDT, 2/24):

For the past month, I have been calling Rep. Glenn Thompson’s office when there were issues or bills about which I felt strongly. I have also sent emails and received one form e-letter in response that did not address my issues, but reiterated the Republican Party line.

I believed that he would want to know where his constituents stood on these issues that impact everyone in his district. But he has not made himself available to meet with those who disagree with him, nor does he acknowledge opinions that differ from his own or his donors.

So I was quite surprised to learn from his communications director, Renee Gamela, that Thompson has not ruled out hosting a town hall, but that he will be responsible for organizing the event, not his political opposition.

Somehow, I thought I was one of his constituents, not his political opponent.

Judy Zarit, State College