Letters to the Editor

Watch, read news from many outlets

We need to realize that news today is not always presented like your parents’ news.

For quite some time, news often has masqueraded as entertainment. Entertainment actually presents news quite often, too. Ratings matter. Advertisers want viewership. Being controversial and instigating visceral responses from their audience reaps benefits.

This occurs on MSNBC and Fox News, and in many other arenas. It’s not fake news. It’s often innuendo.

We, the people, need to evolve. We must develop the skills of critical thinking. I know this is not easy. The entertainers are very convincing. They spend all their days and nights perfecting their schtick. That means we must work hard to learn and understand. I feel this is best achieved by discussing challenging topics with those in our midst that don’t hold the views we cling to.

We need to watch and read from many outlets, not just the ones that speak to our point of view. With effort, time, thought and thorough discussion with those that hold altering opinions we can evolve.

Search for common ground with those who disagree with us. It is there.

Lastly, the press should not be denigrated. A free and antagonistic and persistent press is paramount to a democracy. However unpleasant and challenging, this truth is essential. Robust differences between citizens is the backbone for reaching more excellent decisions and policies.

So watch CNN and Fox News to begin the process of being informed. Glean from them both.

Roy Sletson, State College