Letters to the Editor

Alice Pope represents a brighter future for Penn State

I am honored to recommend a highly regarded and experienced university faculty member — Dr. Alice Pope — for re-election to the Penn State board of trustees.

In my role as a public research university faculty member and faculty senator, I understand the critical need for authentic faculty representation within university governance. Public universities face dwindling financial resources, well meaning but problematic external regulations, daunting public misperceptions and growing needs and expectations from an increasingly diverse study body.

In facing these challenges, Alice understands that faculty members remain at the heart of an institution — teaching students, conducting research, creating/testing new ideas, mentoring future leaders and serving greater public needs. Alice brings an authentic and experienced faculty voice to the board of trustees — a voice that many in the Penn State community recognize as needing further expansion.

Alice also brings dignity, honor and compassion to her board of trustees role. When it is time to question policy, Alice does so, with reasoned, thoughtful arguments. She supports what is best for the institution and sincerely challenges what is not. Her integrity is obvious as is her genuine love of the institution. Her responsive sharing of her board activities and perspectives provides a remarkable example of governance transparency. Her board of trustees work is mindful of future impacts on the faculty and students whom she so deeply understands.

Fellow alumni please re-elect trustee Alice Pope — she truly represents a brighter future for the Penn State we deeply cherish.

Gary Skolits,

Maryville, Tenn.